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About Us

History of LF College Library

Little flower college support the academic pursuits of all students and faculty through the provision of quality service, instruction and the timely acquisition of resources pertinent to the overall college curriculum in accordance with the mission, values, and goals of the College.


Libraries are storehouses of old knowledge and powerhouses of new learning. Library serve as reservoir of the records of human thought and experience preserved for perpetual use by present and future generations. The function of a library is thus not only to collect and preserve books but also to disseminate them.


The College Library came into being in 1955 when the college was started as an extension of Little Flower Convent Girls High School, Mammiyoor. In 1956 it was shifted to this area along with the course of studies. This library has in stock more than 60000 volumes covering a wide area of subjects. It acquires every year about 1000 new titles. It also receives about 101 periodicals of general and research nature an extension was construction is which has facilitated the disniation of more books as well as provides more study area. Thus the library has two section humanities and science continence. The Library is kept open throughout the year except public holidays when it remains closed. 





 Total number of books
 Journals & periodicals 
 Bound volume – journals
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CDs                                             :           120


DVDs                                          :             98




 Bound volumes of periodicals


College Magazines


College Calendars




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      INFLIBNET - NList(Database) 


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Guidelines for Library


Library Rules



1. Library is open on all working days from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.


2. Strict scilence must be observed in the Library and its immediate premises.


3. The librarian can recall from a borrower any book at any time.


4. Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Current Periodicals and other reference books will not be lent out.


5. Members are expected to return all Library books including book taken from Book Bank before they leave for their revision holidays.


6. E-Resource & Inflibnet facility is offered.





Reading Time
Monday to Friday   8.30 AM    -     5.00 PM.
Saturday                 8.30 A M    -     4.00 PM.

Issue Time
Monday to Friday  10.00 AM    -      4.00 PM.
Return Time
Monday to Friday  10.00 AM   -       4.00 PM.






Library Staff

Joi cy A J (Rev. Sr. Joicelit) - UGC Librarian


Smt. Mercy Anto C    - Library Assistant


Smt. Shiny P C  - Library Assistant


 Smt. Leena Thomas - Guest Faculty


Smt. Rincy Bijun - Guest Fcaulty



Students of Little Flower College - 1860
Faculty - 110
Office Staff - 37