Little flowerFraming the vision of women empowerment, and for the successful upbringing of a vibrant social assemblage, a necessity for women education was identified. The birth of Little Flower ensued on 1st July 1955 at Mammiyoor in the pilgrim town Guryvayoor, realizing the worthiness of higher education by the management and the social circle.

The profound reverie of the wider horizon of imagination and perspective paved way for the dawn of Little Flower College, instituted on 1st July 1955. The virtual realization of the ideal bud of education spread its maiden wings with the inauguration of the college by His Excellency, the Bishop patron, Rev. Dr. George Alappat, Bishop of Thrissur, scufolded by our first principal Rev. Sr. Mary Victoria.

The college was established and is nurtured by the serving souls of Franciscan Clarist Congregation and is accommodated under the religious jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Thrissur. The sublime moto of the college ‘Duc in Altum’ launch out into the deep , endeavour at the holistic growing of body, mind and soul preserving humanness of being.

Though the college had its origin as a part of the University of Madras, it was later affiliated to the Kerala University in 1957 and then to the educational canopy of the University of Calicut in 1968. The college began its functioning as a Second Grade College and in March 1957 the college was raised to a first grade one by initiating B. Sc Mathematics and B.A Economics as a part of the established Courses

The College is dedicated to St. Little Flower of Infant Jesus, aiming at the solidarity of humanist ideology; the college is open to students of all castes and creeds with the steadfast vision of promoting the glory of God and the good of our dear country by perseverance and diligence in complacent but proficient atmosphere.

The apprehension of Education essentially scaffold the acquisition of knowledge and the configuration of an ultimate temperament by bringing together the prolific self, robust mind and buoyant heart towards self actualization and emanating eloquent, emancipated ,and elegant barque of wisdom and enlightenment. Hence it should be the earnest endeavour of every student to cultivate high and noble doctrines of life and demeanour .She should be gentle and refined in behaviour, polite and courteous in manner and neat and modest in clothing and deportment, creative, aspiring and determined in accomplishments and become a authentic beacon to lead a social scenario towards magnanimous opulence.

To render the vision towards commitment and enlightenment Little Flower College for Women seeks:

1, To Develop in its students the ability to think logically ,critically and creatively and the ability to communicate effectively

2, To produce intellectually well-trained, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired women for the Nation.

3, To develop socially consciousness and socially concerned individuals who can and will proceed responsibly to emulate finer virtues amongst themselves and to others and who will give leadership in social and political affairs; and remain a centre of wisdom and knowledge radiating universal love and human empowerment beyond the limits of socio-economic, religious and gender prejudices.

The prescribed plain college uniform without gold or golden ornaments is in keeping with our Franciscan simplicity which will add to the oneness of our student community

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