Student Teachers Association of Computer Science

STACS (Student Teachers Association of Computer Science) is an active body comprising of the entire faculty and students of the Computer Science and Application Department. It is established in 2001 and plays an influential role and promotes developments in Computer Science and Application in a wide range of ways. The association takes initiative for the conduct of various technical sessions, workshops, seminars, inter/intra collegiate competitions etc. throughout the academic year to expose the students to the latest developments in the computer world and enhance their knowledge and awareness in the latest fields of computing. STACS also helps students to develop and reinforce their personality and confidence level by encouraging them to present seminars, develop their organizing skills and improve their management capabilities. Each year new members are elected from BSc. Computer Science and BCA departments for the posts of president, vice president, secretary, and committee members. Faculty members are also taking initiative to assist the students. Executive meetings are held monthly to present the report on STACS activities and to evaluate performance. 

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