SWOT Analysis by OSA
Year of passing
  Very Good Good Satisfactory
1 Campus atmosphere
2 Library material and facility
3 Qualification and capability of teachers
4 Feel of security within the campus
5 Learning value
(in terms of knowledge, concepts, manual skills, analytical abilities and broadening perspectives )
6 Involvement in extra – curricular activities
7 Potential of the course in providing career opportunity
8 Effectiveness of carrier guidance programmes
9 Fruitfulness of quality improvement programme
10 Parent teacher relations
11 Campus placement
12 Are you satisfied with the experience in this institution?
13 Did you feel that you are respected and treated fairly
14 Energy conservation measures adopted by the college
15 Green campus initiatives
16 Do the management demonstrate Adequate and efficient student support services
17 Management initiatives to ensure quality of faculty
18 Approachability to the management
19 OSA representation in college activity