(Group of Retired staff members of Little Flower College Guruvayoor)

ROSA is the group of retired staff of our college. The name of the group is in alignment with the name of college “LITTLE FLOWER”. The present students and teachers are called as Little Flowers and the retired staff as ROSAs. The patron saint of our college is Saint Little Flower who promised us to shower Rosa Flowers from heaven. The Rosa members frequently visits their parent department and college and gives support either through motivational speech to students, at the time of NAAC, college day, retirement functions, seminars of the concerned departments. Now and then they go for pleasure trip. They contribute physically and financially at needy times of college. The present faculty members seek advice from the ROSA members in need.

ROSA REPORT 2023-2024

ROSA REPORT 2019-2020

ROSA REPORT 2014-2019