Sanskrit has played a vital role in the development of all Indian languages andin the preservation of the cultural heritage of India. No Indian Language canflourish without the help of Sanskrit. It also provides the theoreticalfoundation of ancient sciences. Hence it becomes essential to preserve andpropagate Sanskrit for the  all round development of students in India.Fully conscious of this responsibility college started  Sanskritdepartment in the Academic year 2000-2001 by having opted Sanskrit as asubsidiary subject for PG Malayalam course. From the commencement onwardsdepartment had a number of Sanskrit scholars who served the dept in theexcellent manner. Ms. Vanisree.K.  (Guest Lecture) being the first facultyserved the dept from 2001 to 2005, followed by Ms. Yamuna.T.P from 2006 to 2010and Ms. Parvathy from 2010-2011. Later Ms. Divya was appointed as anadhoc faculty from 2011 to 2012. After the regularization  of P.G.Malayalam course, a permanent regular faculty Mr. Justin P.G (Asst. Professor)was appointed on 13th June 2012. Understanding the need of students to learnSanskrit in UG level as a second Language University sanctioned the order(No:UONO-1781/2013/CU) to commence  teaching Sanskrit language as a commoncourse for UG students (Both BA/B.Sc Students). Department is highlyenthusiastic to promote our Indian tradition, culture and universal familyconcept (Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam) among the students by teaching the greatest literary works of famous writers in God’s own Language and to mouldthe young generation as the cultural ambassadors of India. 


  Motto of the department is  chosenfrom Bruhadaranyakopanishad “Tamasoma – Jyotirgamaya” (lead meunto light from darkness), explicitly focuses on the central purpose ofeducation and also speaks of the vision and the idealism for which Sanskritlanguage is learned and taught.


Sanskrit Department will actively and constantly promote andpreserve the higher values and ethics in education and will persue excellencein all areas to enrich our character, tradition, culture, nation and humanityat large.


To be  a center of excellence forlearning Sanskrit, to propagate Sanskrit literature  and Indian culturalvalues, to preserve the Sastric tradition, to popularize the great epics of ourmotherland, to promote traditional knowledge and to show their relevance to thecontemporary society.

 Methods of Teaching & Learning evaluation

1 Detailed notes of sections discussed in theclass.

2 More attention is given to answering problemsof each section.

3 Frequent class tests, monthly and termly tests& model exams are conducted.

4 Assignments are given.

5 Encourage the students to raise doubts in theclass rooms.

6. Webinars are organized and online academic activities are conducted.

7. All the classes are recorded and uploaded in Moodle Platform. 

8. Evaluation is conducted by google form tests.

 Curricular &   Co Curricular activities

1 Inter department competition.

2 Subject oriented seminars.

3 Project works.

4 Group discussions in the class rooms on contemporory issues.

5 Debates on relevant topics & sanskritpoetics.

6. Staging of Sanskrit Dramas.

  Extra curricular activities

1 Inter department quiz contest.

2 Exhibition  of chart presentation onscience & sanskrit.

3 Participation in arts & literaryfestivals.

4 Participation in N C C & N S S programmes.

5 PRATHIBHA- Display of creative articles of students

 Value education


2 Self awareness programmes.

3 Personality development programmes.

4 Participation in Blood donation campaign.

 Special highlights

1 Publication of faculty members in different Journals with ISBN no, ISSN No and UGC CARE LIST Journals.

2 High result percentage with A Grades & Outstanding Grades

3. Programmes and activities to have real spirit on Indian Culture and Tradition.