The Women & Child Development Committee within colleges plays a vital role in ensuring the comprehensive development of women and children. It is dedicated to promoting their holistic growth, encompassing physical, psychological, cognitive, and emotional aspects. Additionally, the department strives to foster a gender-sensitive environment within families, communities, programs, and policies to facilitate the development and protection of women and children. Through its various initiatives and efforts, the department aims to empower and safeguard the welfare of women and children, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society.

Committee Members

  • Sr.Dr.Valsa M A(Principal)
  •  Dr. Swapana Johny(Asst.Professor,Dept of Zoology)
  • Dr. Sithara  K Urumbil (Asst.Professor,Dept of Botany
  • Mr .Derry Paul (Asst.Professor, Dept of Politics)
  • Dr. K Ajith (PTA Vice President)
  • Jeslin Rose (I BA English Student)
  • Rose Mary (II BSc Zoology Student)
  • Smt. Sajini P.J(Ministerial Staff)
  • Mr. Binto Thomas(Ministerial Staff) 

VSS Report 2023-24

VSS Report 2022-23