Welcome to Department Of Physics


Department of physics started its activities in the year 1957 by extending the service to the students of Mathematics department & then to Chemistry students from 1963 onwards & the Computer science from 2003 onwards.

In the year 2014, B.Sc. Physics was started in the self financing stream.

Our teaching staff take special interest in the upgradation of their teaching skills and acquisition of  knowledge by attending refresher courses,seminars,workshops etc by different universities &colleges.They find time for promoting curricular & cocurricular excellence of the students .They are involved in solving personal problems of the students and try to cultivate in them the qualities like courtesy,kindness and compassion .In 2009 curriculam is restructured and choice based credit & semester system is introduced.

The Departmentt also hosts national seminars as well as talks by eminent scientists and academicians for the benefit of students. Every year the department celebrates the energy conservation day by conducting seminars or various competitions. Electronic choke making programme and LED Bulb making programme conducted by the department helps to develop creativity among students and to apply this method of energy  conservation in real life situations. Department has collaborations with service sectors like 'Charisma ' ,&'Thanal',centres for disabled ones and 'Providence Home' centre for destitutes.

At present,the faculty members working in the department are Dr.Haisel Mathew, Ms.Anne Jose M , Ms.Laly A.S., Ms Dhanya and Ms Parvathy S Menon . Ms.Haisel Mathew has completed  research  work in the field of 'Material Science'.  Ms Haisel Mathew has also completed minor research project in the field of 'conducting polymer and polymer composite'. Ms. Anne Jose M has  completed a minor project in the same field.


Strive for Perfection


Be a centre for upgrading  the students to cope up with the contemporary science and technological development of the world in a socially responsible manner


Encourage  students to observe and analyze the experimental world, thereby equip them to face the challenges of the society.


Laboratary facilities include a BSc main lab, B.Sc Subsidiary lab with a dark room and 24 hours of solar power back up availability. Laboratary is well equipped with Four probe set up for DC conductivity meassurement,Hot air oven with thermostat ,Magnetic Stirrer, Digital PH  meter, Electronic top loading balance, Spectrometers etc

Department possesses LCD projector, computer and a lap top.

A good library with variety of physics related books.