Bridge Course

The College regularly organizes and conducts bridge courses for the newly admitted UG & PG students before the commencement of their first semester classes. The main objective of the course is to bridge the gap between subjects that they are studied at plus two or Graduate level and subjects they would be studying in their new UG or PG Programme. To implement the bridge course in a systematic way college adopted the following procedure. For this Slow learners are identified first through the marks obtained in the qualifying examination and then by conducting evaluative pre- examinations, PKT (Previous Knowledge Test). The tutor conducts discussions with their wards to identify students who have learning disability and those who are slow learners. Such students are given remedial coaching and bridge courses by the concerned teachers. Tutors give individual attention to slow learners and their progress is monitored, recorded and shared with parents /guardians. Tutors draft a list of slow learners and advanced learners and the latter are assigned the responsibility of the former (student mentoring). Peer learning is also encouraged. Teachers provide lecture notes and other learning supplements for students to comprehend the topic taught. A rapport of tutors with the parents of such wards is also very much effective in their upbringing.

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 69th College Day & Farewell Function 30-1-2024 @2 pm
 College Union & Arts Inauguration by V R Krishna Teja IAS, The Hon'ble Collector of Thrissur District on 11-12-2023