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Along with increase in population, its age composition will change and urbanization will gather speed, creating new problems and new tensions in society. In this age of computers, man has developed a number of electronic devices which has enabled him to undertake a lot of tough jobs with ease, so that he has turned out to be physically unfit giving rise to a number of health problems associated with lack of fitness.. Here comes the importance of a complete Physical Education programme. Competitive sports and other Physical Education Programmes play an important role in the formation of an individual’s Physiological as well as psychological well being. So in the present day’s fast moving condition nobody can neglect the important objectives of Physical Education.


The term sport is referring to a vast field. Fields of recreation, health, mental satisfaction, urge for recognition and dominance. Sports offer opportunity to millions of adults to maintain and improve their health and find companionship. It also provides a ladder of fulfillment and success to youngsters who may otherwise be crowded in uncomfortable housing or tempted to a wayward life on streets! Moreover Sports offers ample opportunities to the students for getting admission to different course and off course provides job opportunities also. Thus many of our former outstanding athletes were well placed in many of the Public sector Companies’ like Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, Kerala State Electricity Board, and Indian Railways etc. 


The Department of Physical Education has been established in the College in 1958, with a single Faculty member. From the very beginning itself, the Department has played a vital role in the development of sports, games and overall fitness of the students. The department is running a most advanced Fitness center with a number of equipment with international standard. In the early period we had very good Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Basketball, volleyball and handball teams. After wards, due to the de linking of Pre degree form Colleges, we reduced the number teams and maintained teams in Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, and Ball Badminton. In the Golden Jubilee Year, we introduced two teams in Archery and Softball and later introduced Shuttle Badminton and Kabbadi teams.

1962 onwards, smt. Ittianam was the Faculty member in the Department and under her guidance the Department brought laurels to the College. In 1975 Smt Gracy P.A joined in the Department and they both worked hard for the better performance of the Department. Later in 1987 after the retirement of Smt. Ittianam, Smt. Sophy Jacob joined the faculty. Smt SophyJacob successfully completed the Pre commission Course at OTA Gwalior and Become the Associate NCC Officer also. Later she completed the one-month Refresher cum promotion course and reached the Rank of Captain. In 2008 Sophy Jacob has been awarded Ph.D degree from Kannur University.

Our Lawn Tennis Team and Archery teams maintained a very good standard in the University level, Dist. Level and state level tournaments.our Lawn Tennis team secured the university title for thirteen consecutive years, which was a record in the university. Our Archery team won the University title in Indian Round for five consecutive years and Recurve team bagged the title for four-consecutive years. Nobody challenged our supremacy in these two events.

Faculty Members Name Qualification Designation Period of Service
1 Miss. A.V. Kunjannam B A, Phy.Edn Lecturer 1958 –1962
2 Miss C.L. Ittianam M A, Dip. In Phy.Edn Professor 1962-1987
3 Smt. Gracy P.A B A, MP.Ed Lecturer Sel.Grade 1975 – 2005
4 Dr. Sophy Jacob M.P.Ed, Ph.D Associate Professor 1987-2018
5Beena YohannanM.P.EdAsst.Professor on contract2018-2019
6Mini T JM.P.EAsst.Professor2019  Onwards

In 2009, when Calicut University introduced the Choice based Credited Semester system in UG Classes, Department of Physical Education has opted one open course in Physical Education named “Physical Activity Health and Wellness”. 52 students from Vth semester has opted this open course and completed the course successfully. In 2013-14 academic year 65 students opted Open Course in Physical Education.
The College Annual Athletic Meet is the most colorful event of the College. The colorful March past and house wise group competitions and the Relay Races are the most attractive events of the Sports Day. Students are divided into four houses and they will compete in the meet with vigor and spirit. There are some items for the Staff members also. Almost all the teachers and ministerial staff participate in the annual meet with high spirits.