Internal Compliant Committee

An Internal Complaints Committee (ICC),  is a crucial component of an educational institution's efforts to promote a safe and inclusive environment. It plays a vital role in addressing and resolving complaints any form of misconduct within the institution. Complaints can be made either in paper form or by sending e-mail to 

Internal Compliant Committee Members

Term of the Committee: 3 years (2023-24,2024-25,2025-26)

Presiding Officer                       :      Dr. Moly P.P (Associate Professor)

Faculty Members                      :      Dr. Sreeranjini K (Assistant Professor)

                                                                Ms. Mini T.J    (Assistant Professor)

Non-Teaching Employees    :       Sr. Rosily C.J (Junior Supdt)

     Mr. Don C. Josson (Technical Assistant)

External Member                     :       Prof P.K Santhakumari

     (Ward Councilor, Ward 16, Guruvayur Muncipality)

            Student Representatives                

                             Under Graduate        :       Chinmaya K (BA Economics)

                             Masters                         :       Anitta Johny (MSc Chemistry)

                             Research Scholar     :       Jofy Raphy (Malayalam)

ICC REPORT 2023-24

ICC REPORT 2022-23