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Framing the vision of women empowerment, and for the successful upbringing of a vibrant social assemblage, a necessity for women education was identified. The birth of Little Flower ensued on 1st July 1955 at Mammiyoor in the pilgrim town Guryvayoor, realizing the worthiness of higher education by the management and the social circle. The profound reverie of the wider horizon of imagination and perspective paved way for the dawn of Little Flower College, instituted on 1st July 1955. The virtual realization of the ideal bud of education spread its maiden wings with the inauguration of the college by His Excel...

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Four-Year Degree
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69th College Day & Farewell Function 30-1-2024 @2 pm

College Union & Arts Inauguration by V R Krishna Teja IAS, The Hon'ble Collector of Thrissur District on 11-12-2023

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Principal's Message

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REV.SR.DR.J BINCY ( Rev.Sr.Jenny Therese FCC)

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Rev.Sr.Little Mary FCC

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The quality of research work directly translates to the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom, thereby benefiting the students, the society and the country. Academic research is of fundame...

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Little flower college support the academic pursuits of all students and faculty through the provision of quality service, instruction and the timely acquisition of resources pertinent to the overall c...

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LF Incubation centre

L F Incubation Centre Aim: To enable the students to get first-hand experience in entrepreneurship, promote innovation driven activities at the institution. Objectives: To provide comprehensive and integrated range of support including space, mentoring, training programs and networking. To provide hands-on experience in innovation and entrepreneurship while being nurtured and encouraged by faculty, management an...

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