Welcome To Department Of Statistics


Department of statistics started its activities in the year 1957 by extending the service to the students of Mathematics department and Economics department .In 2009 curriculam was reconstructed and Choice Based Credit & Semester System was introduced.Statistics is taught as complementary subject for UG Mathematics at the first four semesters and as core subjects for UG Economics at third and fourth semester.Statistics department collaborate with Mathematics department in all its activities.We are interested in promoting Curricular and Cocurricular excellence in students .Rev.Sr.Clara T.A(Sr.Suso) who was leading the department since 1969 had the opportunitiy to serve the college as Principal during 1999 to 2001.At present the faculty member in the department is Dr.Mariamma Antony .Dr.Mariamma Antony has completed two Minor  Minor Research Projects both  funded by UGC .The topic of the  first Minor Research Project- " Study on Generalized Exponential Distributions"during 2011-13. The Topic of the second Minor Research Project-"Mittag Leffler Distributions" during the period 2015-2017 

 Our Vision

To introduce Mathematics to the society as an expression of the human mind, which reflects the active will, contemplative reason and develops the desire for aesthetic perfection

Our Mission

To introduce Mathematics discipline for casting citizens responsible to the society

To realize the mathematical beauty of the nature and transit it to the coming generations

 Our Motto

Reach unto the highest

Programmes Offered

Course Code Course Name
ST 1C01 Probability Theory
ST 2C02 Probability Distributions
ST 3C03 Statistical Inference
ST 4C04 Applied Statistics
EC 3B03 Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis 1
EC 4B05 Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis 11

Best Practice-Curriculam

Curriculum feedback collected every year from students

Methods of Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

Detailed notes of all sections discussed in the class

More attention is given to answering problem of each section

Frequent class tests, monthly and termly tests & model exam.


Lectures by resource persons

Seminars by students

Encourage students to raise doubts in the class room.

Best Practice in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

Short bridge Programmes for B.A Economics students to create a mathematical mind set up

Weekly class tests for all U.G students

Group discussions are arranged in the class

Quiz competitions on statistics are conducted.


A Department Library for quick reference with good collection of more than 300 books (combined collection with Dept. of Mathematics

A collection of university question papers

Computer with laser

Well equipped computer lab

Laptop,LCD & Screen

Internet Facilities.