Vision Statement of SSP

The Scholar Support Programme envisions to provide continuous support to needy students of the Under Graduate courses of Government and Aided Arts and Science colleges of Kerala. The programme is open to students who have scored less than 60% marks in the qualifying examination or in any subject for each semester and the programme caters to providing assistance and help to these student in the form of tutorials, additional lectures, interactive sessions, and various other study materials.


The SSP aims to uplift the students who are unable to perform well in the academic scene and so the SSP is specially designed to cater to all their needs so as to identify the areas the students deem difficult. This, thereby, helps in reducing the drop- out rate in the colleges.


The following outcomes are expected at the end of each year by the college level coordinator:

·         Increase in the academic performance of students.

·         Increase in the pass percentage of the identified papers and courses.

·         Reduced drop- out rate in colleges.

The outcomes to be achieved at the student level are:

  • ·    Improvement in the academic performance of students in each semester.

·         Improving the students’ self-esteem and self-confidence.

·         Increase in support given to students in the college.

The changes in the Scholar Support Programme for the year 2019-20 revealed through the stakeholders’ feedbacks that last year’s programme was effective in the areas such as study skills, exam writing skills, subject coaching and simplified notes. Though the same changes were adopted this year as well, appropriate changes have been made to accommodate the selection process and the components of the programme. The coordinator is tasked with the duty of collecting and recording the students’ exam results keeping in mind the needs of the students in order to make the SSP an open door system. 

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