Faculty with PhD

DepartmentThesis TitleDate of AwardSupervisorUniversity
1Dr. Valsa M.AAsst. ProfessorHistoryA Historical Outline of Kuri Companies and its Impact on the Socio-Economic Transformation of Trichur( 1891-1975)25-02-2020Dr. P.P. Abdul RazakCalicut
2Dr. Moly P.P
Asst. Professor
ChemistryDevelopment Of Anion Exchange membranes for Electrochemical Applications10-01-2019Dr. V T JoyCalicut
3Dr Mariamma Antony
Asst. ProfessorStatisticsContributions to the theory of Probability distributions24-12-2008Dr. N. RajuCalicut
4Dr. Sreeranjini K.Assistant ProfessorBotanyChromosome imaging, RAPD and Gc-Ms assays on  in vitro  and in vivo plants of Trachyspermum roxburghianum (DC.) Craib (Apiaceae)07-04-2005Dr. John E. ThoppilCalicut
5 Dr.Sithara K Urumbil
Asst. Professor
BotanyIsolation and molecular characterisation of bacteria endophytes from Emilia sonchifolia (Linn)DC.
Dr. M. Anilkumar
6Dr. Swapana Johny
Asst. Professor
Biodiversity of indigenous ornamental fishes of Kole lands of Kerala with emphasis on handling and packing stress in Etroplus suratensis.
Dr. N. D. Inasu
7Dr. Thanuja A MathewAsst. ProfessorZoologyStudies on the accessory sex glands of Spodoptera mauritia Boisd (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)07-05-2009Dr. V.S. Krishnan NairCalicut
8Dr. Jilna Alex NAss. ProfessorZoologyKin Recognition and Shoaling Preferences in Puntius sarana subnasutus (Valenciennes, 1842)April 2015
Dr. John K ThomasCalicut
9Sr. Dr.Vineetha GeorgeAsst. Professor
MalayalamRegionalism and Nationalism in the Narrations of Kovilan
Dr Muse Mary George
10Dr. Shaijy C Muringathery Asst. ProfessorMalayalamSwathaavabodham TKC Vaduthalayude Cherukadhakalil20.10.2014Dr AnithakumaryKerala 
11Dr. Annam Sini  A.PAsst. ProfessorMalayalamFolk Identity In Ezhuthachan’s Kilippatukal16.09.2019Dr. C.R. RajagopalanM G
12Dr. Hitha Paulson
Asst. ProfessorComputer Science
Data Structural and Algorithmic Remodeling of Page Replacement Algorithms to Enhance the Memory Management Techniques6-9-2022Dr. Rajesh, Associate Professor, Christ University, Bangalore
Bharathiyar University
13Dr Roy Mathew MAsst. ProfessorMalayalamTradition and Modernity in the Novels of C Radhakrishnan09.04.2019Dr Rosy Thamby
14Dr. Haizel MathewJn. LecturerPhysicsPreparation and Characterization of conducting polymers2019Dr. B.Syamala KumariM.G.
15Dr. Justin P. G.Asst. ProfessorSanskritStudy on the Mahabharathaprabandhas of Melputtur Narayana Bhattapada29/05/2019Prof. E. M RajanRashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Central University Newdelhi
16Dr.AnurojAsst. ProfessorHindiIkkeesveem Sadi Ki Hindi Kahani : Ek Vishleshanatmak   Adhyayan.21/7/2018Dr . C. Geetha Kunjamma, Professor, Dept of Hindi. Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit , Main Centre, Kalady.Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit , Main Centre, Kalady
17Dr.Neethu S ArakkelAsst. ProfessorEconomicsA Study on Entrepreneurial Development of Women in THRISSUR District of  Kerala26.10.2017Dr. K. Swami KannanMadurai Kamraj University
18Dr. Lejo J  ManavalanAsst. Professor
MathematicsA Study on the Structure of Semigroups constructed from Functions15-01-2021Dr. P G RomeoCUSAT
19Sr.Dr.Mariena A AAsst.ProfessorComputer ScienceEnhanced Image Processing Techniques for Automated Detection and Classification of Leukemia29-03-2021Dr.J.G.R SathiaseelanBharathidasan University
20Dr.Sr.Joicy A .JUGC LibrarianLibraryUse of Electronic Resources Among the Faculty of Christian Arts And Science Colleges18-02-2021Dr.S.Ally SornamBharathidasan University
21Dr.Jesy E JAsst. Professor on contractChemistryPhytochemical Investigation, Anticancer, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial potential of Wrightia Tinctoria and Spatholobus Parviflorus9.3.2020Dr. Beena JoseBharathiar University
22Jessy Anto TherattilJr. LecturerChemistrySynthesis and characterization of rubber- carbon nanotube and ionic liquid compositesSubmittedDr. Anilkumar S & Dr.Sabu ThomasM G
23Lovely  Jacob .AAsst. ProfessorChemistrySynthesis, Characterisation and biological evaluation of some Heterocycliccurcumine analogues and their transition  metal complexesongoingDr. Tom CheriyanCalicut
24Sr. J. BincyAsst. ProfessorEconomicsEconomic Empowerment of Differently Abled People in Kerala:  Status, Opportunities and ChallengesongoingDr Shiby M. ThomasCalicut
25Ms. Julie Dominic AAsst.ProfessorEnglishTracing the Trajectory from Struggle to Survival:A Study on the Narratives by Female Survivors of CancerOngoingDr. Betsy PaulCalicut
26Ms. Silpa Anand SAsst. ProfessorEnglishAuguries of Apocalypse:Treatment of Climate Change in the Novels of Margaret Atwood, Barbara Kingsolver and Lorin R.RobinsonOngoingDr. T.K. PiusCalicut
27Sr. Teresa J. HeloiseAsst. ProfessorEnglishPatterns of Interpretation: A comparative exegesis on the life of Francis Assisi as represented in Nikos Kazantasakis' God's Pauper Saint Francis of Assisi and Zofia Kossak's Blessed are the MeekOngoingDr. T.K. PiusCalicut
28Alphy Jose
Asst. ProfessorMathematicsStudy on the spectra of some graph operations with emphasis on their applicationsOngoingDr Anjaly KishoreCalicut
29Rose PaulAsst. ProfessorMathematics
Studies on Nanofluids; Convection Flows and Diverse ApplicationsOngoingDr Sr Julie AndrewsCalicut
30Anju S MattamAsst. ProfessorMathematicsRough Approximation of fuzzy soft sets based on fuzzy soft relation.12-08-2022Dr. Sasi GopalanCUSAT
31Neethu K TAsst. ProfessorMathematicsA study of Cayley fuzzy graphs induced by loops and quasi groupsOngoing
Dr. Anil Kumar VCalicut
32Amitha ShajiAsst. ProfessorMathematicsTopological Dynamics; Some Emphasis on Linear DynamicsOngoingDr. Ali Akbar KCentral University of Kerala
33Sr. Nisha C.D
Asst. Professor
Computer Science
Algorithms for Image Steganography
Dr. Thomas Monoth,Mary Matha Arts & Science College, Mamanthavady
34Elsa P J
Asst. Professor on contract
Design synthesis and characterization of materials at nano scale for hydrogen  generation, storage and effective energy conversion
Dr. V T Joy