Youth Ministry

Little Flower College, Guruvayoor is a prestigious institution affiliated to the University of Calicut. The College was founded in the year 1955 with the goal of uplifting the womenfolk of this area. The motto of our College is ‘Duc in Altum’- Launch out into the deep- aims  to delve deep into the ocean of faith to promote confidence, resilience and social commitment in the probity of the Almighty towards  absolute fullness amalgamating the solidity of nature. Little Flower College is very eager to inculcate LF values such as Trust in God, Eco Sensibility, Fraternity, Truthfulness and Social Commitment in our students. The College has its own patterns and strategies to incubate moral and spiritual values in the students. Campus ministry is formed in our College by aiming at the spiritual and mental development of students’ .All its activities inspire the students to grow deep in faith and to face life with a difference. 

The book of Proverbs  says : “The fear of  the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom( Proberbs 1:7)”.The campus ministry activities of our College gives ample opportunities to our students to love God and to love others which is the supreme commandment of Lord Jesus Christ. Daily intercession prayer, weekly prayer meetings, monthly Confession and Holy mass,  Night vigils, one day program, annual retreat, different kinds of competitions, visit of the destitute etc help the students to strengthen their spiritual life. LF helps the students to accept their life as it is with a open mind and to strive hard to achieve the goal with the help of God Almighty. LF Campus ministry encourages their members to be  a beacon of love to the world through their little deeds of love. That is the way our Patron saint,St Little Flower taught us:Be the prophet of little things.

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