A new scheme entitled “BHOOMITHRASENA” has been started in Kerala state under the state plan scheme for the colleges of the state for strengthening the commitments of students towards environmental protection. Little Flower College, Guruvayoor has been selected for the formation of BHOOMITHRASENA CLUB (BMC) in 2009.

The main objective of the club was to inculcate environmental education and awareness among college students and youth. The club organizes various activities like seminars, extension lectures, and different competitions which makes students aware about the importance of environmental sustainable development. Through the various programmes coming under the activities of Bhoomithra sena club explains the importance of proper waste management, water, land, air, soil conservation, and the club members were instructed to organize programmes on various important days like World Environment Day, Ozone Day, Wet Land Day etc. 


  • Seminar for environmental awareness
  • Distribution of seedlings
  • Observing environmentally significant days
  • Essay competition
  • Poster making competition
  • Quiz competition

Report of Activities 2020-2021

Report of Activities 2019-2020

Report of Activities 2014-2019

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 Rank Holders 2020-2021
1. Sweana VakkayilSeaban( 2ndRank BSc Computer Science)
2. Shruthi A (5thRank BSc Computer Science)
3. Athulya Joy (1stRank BSc Mathematics)
4. Mehnaz( 8thRank B.Sc Mathematics)
5. Dilsha.K ( 10 thRank B Sc Mathematics)
6. Janeena Sara D (3rdRank in B A Multimedia)
7. Durga Radhakrishnan ( 3rdRank in B A Malayalam)
8. Anjali V P( 2ndRank in BSc Chemistry)
9. Yadhu Priya (4 thRank in BSc Chemistry)
10.Navya Vijayan (7thRank in B.Sc. Chemistry)
11.Aswathi K S (10thRank B.Sc. Chemistry)
12.Sneha M K ( 7 thRank B Sc Zoology)
13.Gayathri Anoop (9thRan Rank B Sc Zoology)