Little Flower Incubation center established to support innovative ideas of student and to develop pre incubation centers which eventually guides the students to be new entrepreneurs. The activities of LFIC focuses on small scale market-oriented self-employment opportunities for the students.


To create a vibrant local innovation ecosystem & Start-up supporting mechanism in the institution and to establish functional ecosystem for scouting ideas and pre-incubation of ideas.



To polish the creative potential of youth for vibrant Innovation & Entrepreneurship ecosystem from the institution.



Fostering the culture of innovation


·         Systematically foster the culture of innovation and start-up ecosystem in education institutions.

·         To engage faculty & students in various innovation and entrepreneurship related activities

·         To establish and stabilize innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the institution.

·         To address the existing challenges/issues in Innovation & Entrepreneurship activities.



•           President – Dr.Sr. Valsa M A, Principal

•           Vice President – Dr.Sr. Sheeba A C, Vice Principal

•           Convenor - Dr. Sithara K Urumbil, Asst. Professor in Botany

•           Coordinators – Ms. Alphy Jose, Asst. Professor in Mathematics

IIC Report 21-22

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 Rank Holders 2020-2021
1. Sweana VakkayilSeaban( 2ndRank BSc Computer Science)
2. Shruthi A (5thRank BSc Computer Science)
3. Athulya Joy (1stRank BSc Mathematics)
4. Mehnaz( 8thRank B.Sc Mathematics)
5. Dilsha.K ( 10 thRank B Sc Mathematics)
6. Janeena Sara D (3rdRank in B A Multimedia)
7. Durga Radhakrishnan ( 3rdRank in B A Malayalam)
8. Anjali V P( 2ndRank in BSc Chemistry)
9. Yadhu Priya (4 thRank in BSc Chemistry)
10.Navya Vijayan (7thRank in B.Sc. Chemistry)
11.Aswathi K S (10thRank B.Sc. Chemistry)
12.Sneha M K ( 7 thRank B Sc Zoology)
13.Gayathri Anoop (9thRan Rank B Sc Zoology)