Purchase Committee

Little Flower College formed a purchase committee for the sake of purchasing various goods for the overall development of the institution. Committee regularly conducting meetings for the upcoming purchase. Initially, the committee has been gathered for the purpose of budget computation for the new academic year. The fund is distributed among various heads. They are Admission, Library, Lab, Medical Check-ups, Audio instruments, Calendar, Stationary, Association, Magazine printing, Sports goods, Social Aid fund, Women cell seminars, Dzone and Interzone competition. Every year the head of the departments submit their requirements like lab instruments, apparatus, chemicals, computer parts. According to the budget purchase committee distribute the cash for their needs. In the month of August, the college calendar has been printed using this amount. The Tennis court is renovated and cleansed using this amount. At last, the college magazine was printed by this amount. All the seminars and awareness programs related to women cell were conducted with the help of this fund.

Purchase Committee members


Vice Principal

Head Accountant

Sr. Mariena A.A.

Sr. Lovely Jacob


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 Rank Holders 2020-2021
1. Sweana VakkayilSeaban( 2ndRank BSc Computer Science)
2. Shruthi A (5thRank BSc Computer Science)
3. Athulya Joy (1stRank BSc Mathematics)
4. Mehnaz( 8thRank B.Sc Mathematics)
5. Dilsha.K ( 10 thRank B Sc Mathematics)
6. Janeena Sara D (3rdRank in B A Multimedia)
7. Durga Radhakrishnan ( 3rdRank in B A Malayalam)
8. Anjali V P( 2ndRank in BSc Chemistry)
9. Yadhu Priya (4 thRank in BSc Chemistry)
10.Navya Vijayan (7thRank in B.Sc. Chemistry)
11.Aswathi K S (10thRank B.Sc. Chemistry)
12.Sneha M K ( 7 thRank B Sc Zoology)
13.Gayathri Anoop (9thRan Rank B Sc Zoology)