Best Practices

Institution Best Practices

I) Name: Entrepreneurial and Social initiatives


To create a generation of socially sensitive and economically independent women who are capable of taking initiatives for positive change.

The Context:

The pandemic crisis needed the dissemination of digital skills, as well as health and hygiene knowledge, and prompt lockdown enlightening and entrepreneurial engagements. A time to catalyze social sensitivity in learners through community oriented actions.

The Practice:

Staff and students volunteered in hospitals as a dynamic response to the covid situation.

Supplied provisions to covid affected patients, as well as a community kitchen and participatory villages.

Entrepreneurial skills developed by means of learning to make hand sanitizers, and masks etc.,

The college is a mentor college and guides mentee colleges in quality enhancement.

Webinars to help improve online skills were conducted.

Awareness and motivational videos were created and circulated.

Evidence of Success:

The adopted villages were provided with sanitizers made by the students.

One of our Mentee colleges successfully completed accreditation with A+ grade under our guidance.

We have received sufficient number of views for our awareness programmes on you tube.

The timely social intervention by the staff and students of the institution during Covid times was appreciated by the hospitals and municipality.

Many students were successful in beginning their own startups.

Problems Encountered /Resource Required:

Due to the pandemic situations many programmes that could involve offline participation of people had to be done online.

II)Name: Franciscan Green Canopy- Green initiatives


To Nurture a culture of peace through active Sustainable Ecofriendly life style.

To form a generation that is nature conscious.

The Context:

The SDGs aim at a better world which can be accomplished only when learning enhances ethical choices towards nature and neighbour in day-to-day life.

The Practice:

The students actively participated in:

Plastic removal and cleaning drives

E waste collection Campaign

Planting of sapplings and seedlings

Creation of Eco awareness videos, competitions and Quiz

Reusing of waste material

Observing various nature conservation related days through competitions and webinars.

Engagements in programmes that explore bioregional nature specialties

Evidence of Success:

The students have received a conviction on eco friendly living. They cultivated their own kitchen Gardens and micro greens during the lock down period. The concept of reduce ,reuse and recycle is embedded in them.

Problems Encountered /Resource Required:

Due to the pandemic situations many programmes that could involve offline participation had to be done online.

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