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The Arts Club of our institution provides a platform to our students  with a shared interest in art to gather and create art . In the guidance  of arts in-charge faculty , various programmes are arranged for the students such as fresher's day, competitions in connection with Onam and Christmas. The active and enthusiastic participation of students in Arts festival of each year reflect the talents of our wards as much as their academic performance. All the Cultural activities of our college is monitored and executed through this club with the help of College Union. We firmly beleive that arts and enable to enhance their creativity and self expression.

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 66th College Day Celebration & Farewell Function on 02-02-2021 at 2.00 pm
 Due to Unusual Situations related to COVID 19 Pandemic, Little Flower College will be following Break the Chain Protocol and will be working remotely to ensure safety & functionality there by flatten the curve of virus spread.