Remedial Coaching

Remedial Coaching

 The Departments initiate with student supportive programmes like remedial teaching which is availed by the students from economically backward/SC/ST/OBC/Minority strata . Based on the internal assessment, the slow and average learners are identified and due attention is provided for their areas of weakness and are given apposite assistance. Special attention is established by furnishing micro notes and small learning modules for the students in a flexible time frame. In addition to remedial teaching, surplus  sessions are provided for them before or after regular class hours and on holidays. Science students are given additional lab training.

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 Rank Holders 2020-2021
1. Sweana VakkayilSeaban( 2ndRank BSc Computer Science)
2. Shruthi A (5thRank BSc Computer Science)
3. Athulya Joy (1stRank BSc Mathematics)
4. Mehnaz( 8thRank B.Sc Mathematics)
5. Dilsha.K ( 10 thRank B Sc Mathematics)
6. Janeena Sara D (3rdRank in B A Multimedia)
7. Durga Radhakrishnan ( 3rdRank in B A Malayalam)
8. Anjali V P( 2ndRank in BSc Chemistry)
9. Yadhu Priya (4 thRank in BSc Chemistry)
10.Navya Vijayan (7thRank in B.Sc. Chemistry)
11.Aswathi K S (10thRank B.Sc. Chemistry)
12.Sneha M K ( 7 thRank B Sc Zoology)
13.Gayathri Anoop (9thRan Rank B Sc Zoology)