College Distinctiveness


         The Institution lays immense thrust on the unique and distinctive role it shoulders for Digitalizing Women Empowerment benefiting the society on the long run. The College has its own distinct anthem and flag an emblem embossed, identity card along with a unique style of Little Flowerian greetingHave a nice day’ to highlight its situatedness and belongingness in the sphere of its activity.  The Institution has successfully implemented  to equip our students meet challenge of the era through:

·         Empowering Women Excellence through Madhyam- Kaushal - Prajnya .



·         The Institution takes pride in strategizing and strengthening long term perspectives that advocates knowledge creation among young learners.

·       The Institution foresaw  great future in empowering women in the creative arena of multimedia and vocational courses cutting the barrier of gender for  enterprising career  with skill development  exploring diverse fields  advancing  career options  with basic degrees.

·         The College keeps alive the vitality of a good vocation for women dropouts due to multifarious reasons through a Community college.




The Institution’s vision and mission envisages technology proficient  skilled women power to create pragmatic and efficient workforce in the Nation. The Institution promises through its institutional values to exemplify national integration.


·         The Madhyam-Kaushal-Prajnya a new age mantra promoted in the initial years of this millennium to empower women in creative arena of multimedia. The advent of technology and quantum progress of communication methodologies heralded niches in the intricacies of new media to young women learners.

·         The college took up Skill India initiative of central government in opting for two UGC funded Bachelor of Vocational Courses and a Community college.




  • The Madhyam - Kaushal - Prajnya ushered into the Institution  a Major Research Project in Visual Media  opened the gateway for  UGC funded Post Graduate Diploma in Virtual Communication and Creative Media in 2007  equipping our students and Faculty in the diverse methodologies in new age Media.

·         The Infrastructural consolidation imparting this education created ambience for nuances in technicalities of Communication vibrant in the campus. The formal Introduction of aided post graduate course in multimedia under University of Calicut became an occasion for celebration 2013 as the first aided new age multimedia postgraduate course in the state.

·         The beneficial cover of Multimedia extended warmth of having infrastructural resource readiness and a competed pool of resource personal that augment the Institution in digitalization.

·         The Departments of Multimedia, Vocational Courses and Community College undertook the unique distinction of designing the Curriculum for Multimedia, B.Voc Courses and Community College for University of Calicut.

·         The Skilling Initiative of Central Government through various courses primed in enriching students in soft skills and entrepreneurial outlook improving their basic degrees for rewarding career options.

·          The UGC funded Bachelor of Vocational course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and  Tourism and Hospitality Management provide  opportunity to make a career along with  undergraduate degrees.

·         The Institution was granted opportunity to begin Community College to support educational and entrepreneurial aspiration of dropout women  helping them in continuing education breaking the barrier of stagnation.

·         The regular students of the institution too are extended with the skilling initiative through Certificate and Add on Courses to heighten their proficiency for career options.





  • The Madhyam - Kaushal - Prajnya initiative had stellar Success as evident in the various recognitions that have come our way for the past many years since the implementation of the goal of gaining digitalization for women empowerment.

·         The Department of Multimedia consistently placed themselves ahead in their academics by securing coveted ranks at the university level.

·          The Faculty and the students of the Multimedia have garnered national and state recognitions for their exemplary Media enterprises as Photo designer, Video editors and Channel Creators.

·         The Department secures notable course results and placements. The career opportunities in National and State Channels as freelance workers justify the objective of the institution in empowering women in new age media.

·          The Community College is a succor to the women in our locality to equip them in their aspiration to gain economic empowerment.



 The best practices of the Institution are an outcome of planning that the results to be attained by the Institute are exemplary in nature.


·         The premier goal of nation building through quality, proficiency and social commitment assures a benchmark in the purpose outlined.

·         The challenges of adequate mobilization of manpower and limitations of time constrain imposed by tight academic schedule as per the annual calendar hinder more elaborate activities for skilling and social extensions.

·         The Students enjoy the experiential learning provided by the best practices where they stand to gain in the long run.

·          The career competition and limitations due to familial concerns are the long term issues to be overcome with more soft skilling and care and support from the Institution and the society for the onward march of women empowerment.

·          The resources of manpower and finance to be utilized can be preplanned for each academic year for an even distribution of the activities throughout the academic schedule.



 ·         The Department of Multi Media created 9 Short Films in collaboration.

·         MOUs with Entertainment Medias with 73 projects and 28 internships.

·          Documentaries for external agencies directed and produced by noted experts in the field.

·         The Vocational courses have evidence of success in the notable placements of its graduates.

·          The Institution holds  annual International Film Fest in collaboration with Chethana Media for the past five years.

·         The Students and Faculty have short films and documentaries on current affairs to their credit.

·         The faculty of the Department of Multimedia has a wild life photographer on its rolls training the students on environmental conservation photography, with a record of more than 100 rare photographs acknowledged through Newspapers and Social Media on migratory birds.