"Welcome to the World of Economics, a dynamic and essential field that plays a pivotal role in shaping our understanding of how societies function and make choices. In this introduction, we will explore the Department of Economics and its dedicated faculties, who are at the forefront of research, education, and policy development."


                             The prestigious Department of Economics began its functioning in 1957, two years after the beginning of our College .We started with the Pre degree and degree courses. The full fledged working of the department was initiated with the appointment of Rev.Sr Sancta (Sr.Mary L Alappat) who later became the principal of S.H. College Chalakkudy. Over the course of time  almost 3600 students were graduated from our department. We have our strong Alumnae in various distinguished posts in and around the state such as academicians, advocates, bank employees, Govt employees etc.We were successful in accomplishing glorious results throughout  the years with university ranks , high distinctions and first class. Along with academic excellence we impart social & cultural values to the students. We empower our girls to face the current social challenges. Presently we have UG & PG programmes in aided & self financing streams respectively .


“If a man is educated; an individual is educated, if a woman is educated; a generation is educated”. We uphold the vision of social upliftment of women through education.


To inspire the students to become socially committed ,highly motivated and self reliant young ladies who are aware of existing socioeconomic situations and can be the best human resource for the nation.


'Search and study,research and restructure the society, through man power and material resources'


            Central to the success of our department are our distinguished faculties. They are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of economic theory and practice while nurturing the intellectual growth of our students."  We have two permanent faculty members for the UG programme and an adhoc faculty to complement them. The PG Programme  has three adhoc faculty members.

              We have a departmental reference book corner with more than 300 books and a few peer reviewed journals like Pradiyogita Darpan, Kurukshetra, Competition success, Yojana etc and a reading corner to encourage  news paper reading among our students. Our class rooms are smart which enable easy mode of teaching and better understanding. 

We encourage our students for industrial visits and outreach programmes for practical skills and experiences. Beyond the classroom, we are committed to promoting economic literacy and contributing to the community. Our department hosts seminars, conferences, and workshops, inviting students and the public to engage with economic issues.

Our parents are a constant source of encouragement for us. And above all, we are blessed with students of good academics and extracurricular and co-curricular skills .We are proud of our rich student community.

"We invite you to explore our department further, attend our events, connect with our faculties, and join us in our pursuit of a better understanding of economics. Whether you're a student, a researcher, or simply curious about the world of economics, the Department of Economics is a welcoming and intellectually stimulating place to be."