·         Released  manuscript on the topic ‘Mathematics in Daily Life ‘ on 24th Feb 2014

·         Inter departmental paper presentation competition 20th January 2014.

·         'Mother’s Meet' for the mothers of students who selected Mathematics as their main subject  on 13th Nov. 2013. Sr. Amanda made aware of the problems faced by the new generation children and how to handle them.

·         Departmental quiz competition on mathematics and statistics on 25th Nov.2013.

·         Mathematics  Association inauguration   and a talk on Grill Topology  on 25th Nov. 2013, by Ms. Swarna K L, HOD, Dept. of Mathematics, Vimala College, Thrissur  .

·         Net coaching classes for M.Sc.students (includes M.Sc.holders) on April and May 2013.

·         National seminar on “Mathematics in Space technology” from 14th to 16th Feb. 2013 funded by UGC

·         Released   manuscript  on the topic ‘The Great Indian Mathematician: -Ramanujan ‘ on 6th Feb 2013

·         Departmental quiz competition on mathematics and statistics on 17th Jan.2013

·         Seminar on “Life  history  and Contribution of Sri. Ramanujan”  on 14th Sept.2012 by Prof. R Shivavamakrishnan formerly of University of Calicut.

·         First Lecture Series on Statistics "Modelling Data Sets-A Distribution based approach" by Dr.K.Jayakumar,Professor and HOD,Dept.of Statistics,University of Calicut on 31-10-2016.Mathematics association was innaugurated by him.

·         International Seminar on "Mathematics and Statistical Process Control " on December 2,2016.The sessions handled by Dr.Asokan M Variath,Associate Professor of Statistics,Memorial University ,Newfoundland. and Dr.A.M.Mathai,Director,Centre for Mathematical Science,Peechi,Kerala,Emiretus Professor of McGrill University,Canada

·         Conducted Departmental Statistics Quiz on 7-3-2017

·         Conducted Departmental Statistics Quiz on 8-03-2018Conducted Departmental Statistics Quiz on 15.01.2019

·         Conducted National Seminar  on Emerging trends in Mathematics and Statistical modelling on 22.01.2019