REV.SR.DR.VALSA M A ( Rev.Sr.Jeesma Therese FCC)

The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need. (Ps. 23/1) The voyage so far had been fruitful but not tranquil. Six decades of selfless toil of several noble souls has taken Little Flower College to this niche where destiny has ordained me to take up the reins. Together let us resume the awe-inspiring expedition of education and empowerment which our forerunners have invested upon us with great care and trust. Let us soar the heights of intellectual competence and attain moral uprightness and social commitment in this centre of excellence for learning. Putting our trust in God and holding our hands, we shall hold fast our noble vision of inculcating in ourselves and our learners a life grounded on faith in the Almighty , respect for the individual and concern for the less privileged.

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 Due to Unusual Situations related to COVID 19 Pandemic, Little Flower College will be following Break the Chain Protocol and will be working remotely to ensure safety & functionality there by flatten the curve of virus spread.