"Dear Daughter, With You" : In connection with National Girl Child Day 2024 (24th January 2024)

The student of the First Year BA English arranged a Photo corner in connection with the National Girl Child’s day on 24th January 2024. The "My daughter,my treasure" photo corner witnessed enthusiastic participation from parents, capturing special moments with their daughters against a visually appealing Mega Frame innovatively designed and created by the students. These photographs symbolized the cherished bond shared in celebrating girlhood. The programme organized under the guidance of Teresa J Heloise (Sr. Angela) Assisitant Professor, Department of English was inaugurated with a first shot taken by the Principal Rev. Sr. Dr. Valsa M A. The short video of this programme was uploaded in the college youtube channel on the same day.

 It can be watched here:


Trivia Quiz competition-Charles Dickens Birthday

 A Quiz competition Trivia was held on 22nd February, 2024 by II DC BA English Students in connection with the birthday of Charles Dickens. The program was held at Laverna Block in Room No: 129 at 12:45PM. The quiz hosted by Ms. Annroopa Jacob ( Assistant Professor, Department of English)  included the lives and works of Charles Dickens. Marwa Faizal ( III UG English) won the First prize and P A Avanthika ( II UG English) won the Second prize. 

ILLUSTRATIO (8th August 2023) in connection with Book Lover’s Day (9/8/23).

An Exhibition cum Competition named, Illustratio was organized near the Department of English on 8th August 2023 in connection with Book Lover’s Day (9/8/23). The event was inaugurated by Rev. Sr. Dr. Jeesma Therese, Principal, Little Flower College, Guruvayoor at 11:15 A.M. The competition conducted thereafter was to identify maximum number of books based on the illustrations exhibited. Shima of 3 DC English was the winner of the competition.

A TRASH-TO -ART- SHOWCASE (14th September 2023)

The Department of English conducted an exhibition on the theme ‘A trash-to-art-showcase’ on 14/09/2023.The first year BA English students organized the programme under the coordination and leadership of Teresa J Heloise (Sr. Angela). The participants were required to make any useful or decorative items from used/ waste products. This programme helped students to gain awareness on how to utilize things to its fullest, and also to discover and develop the passion of art and craft. The event instilled the message to rethink before abandoning things as waste products and find its other uses. The message of the principal during her visit to the expo evoked a sense of entrepreneurial spirit among the students. Ikagai!!!

ENIGMA (15th September 2023)

On 15th September 2023, a Riddle Competition, Enigma was conducted to commemorate the Birthday of Agatha Christie at 12:50 P.M. in Room No: 29, Laverna Block. The 14 students who participated in the competition were asked to solve some murder-mystery riddles that prompted them to be more observant. Anjana P. of 3 DC English was chosen as the winner.

World Saree Day -21st December 2023 Dash of Desi

The Department of English conducted a ramp walk featuring diverse saree draping styles called ‘Dash of Desi’ on 21st December 2023, in connection with World Saree Day. A saree is not just a piece of cloth, but a representation of grace, elegance, and Indian culture.  It also celebrates womanhood and the strength of femininity.

The first year BA English students organized the programme under the coordination and leadership of Teresa J Heloise (Sr. Angela), Assistant Professor, Department of English. This ramp walk presented at the college portico was a stunning display of various state fashions and contemporary styles.

A glimpse of the saree day can be viewed at

The Chapters of Love"–in connection with Valentine's Day 2024

The Department of English conducted a programme called "The Chapters of Love", a beautiful event organized to commemorate Valentine's Day on 9th February 2024. The first-year BA English students organized this under the coordination of Teresa J Heloise (Sr. Angela) Assisitant Professor, Department of English.

Literature and love are inseparable. From classic novels to modern romances, literature captures love's essence and complexities, exploring the depths of the human heart. This literary posh parade featured a stunning showcase of such literary and cultural couples, divided into Malayalam, English, and Cultural sections. Each section was unique and highlighted different love stories from different cultures. Overall it was a nice and engaging programme, touching the hearts of all those who attended..

To watch "ChaptersofLove" on YouTube,click on the link below:

Birthday of J.K. Rowling: O.W.L.s, an Interdepartmental Quiz Competition on Harry Potter

O.W.L.s, an Interdepartmental Quiz Competition on Harry Potter was conducted on 31st July 2023 to celebrate the Birthday of J.K. Rowling, the author of the much-loved series, at 12:45 P.M. in Room No: 128, Laverna Block. 13 students participated in the same, in which eight students were selected for the second round to compete for their respective Hogwarts Houses. Marwa Faizal of 3 DC English and P.A. Avantika of 2 DC English representing Hufflepuff House emerged as the winners.


On October 30, 2023, the Association of the English Department of Little Flower College, Guruvayoor, was inaugurated by Bipin Thomas, Assistant Professor of the Department of English at Christ College Autonomous Irinjalakuda, at 10 a.m. in the college seminar hall. Following the inauguration, Rev.Sr.Dr.Valsa M.A., the college principal, and Bipin Thomas, the chief guest, jointly presented the magazine Manuscript prepared by the students of 2nd year BA English and also released the poster of the short film “Tenebrous” created by the postgraduate students of the department. An interactive session with Mr.Bipin Thomas themed on “Research Methodology” was also arranged in the later session. 

Movie Musings: Learning experience Beyond the Classroom

The Department of English arranged a movie outing day on 21st November 2023. The staf and students embarked on a cinematic journey to Shobha City in Thrissur. The destination featured the thought-provoking film "Face of the Faceless," directed by Dr. Shaison Ouseph. This dream project delves into the true story of Sr. Rani Maria, a woman who defied religious boundaries to dedicate her life to women empowerment. The film's exploration of identity, empathy, and the fight against injustice left a profound impact on the students, sparking post-screening discussions and reflections.

The Movie Musings event at Shobha City not only provided entertainment but also showcased the English Department's commitment to holistic education. Beyond traditional classrooms, this cinematic journey became a platform for intellectual engagement and collective introspection. The successful execution reflected the department's dedication to fostering an environment where students explore ideas beyond textbooks, encouraging cultural enrichment and critical thinking.

"The Face of the Faceless" transcends being merely a film; it serves as a profound exploration of mercy, love, sacrifice, and forgiveness. This cinematic sojourn, facilitated by the English Department, offered students more than just a day out—it was an opportunity to connect, reflect, and broaden horizons through the lens of meaningful cinema. The students engaged in a discussion picking out elements of narration like perspective, point of view, techniques like imagery, metaphor, and aspects like hegemony, interpellation, and marginalization etc., viewed in the movie.