Major and Minor Research Projects and English Research Forum Activities

 Major Research Project

  1. Dr. Thressiamma Dominic   --Effective communicators to the world leaders: an indepth study of communicative levels of the college students of Kerala with suggestions to improve the situation. Completed

 Minor Research Projects

  1.  Julie Dopminic A   --  " Ecological Pertinence on the psycho social contour of young learners: Transcending Rural and Urban Domain.- completed
  2.  Reely Raphael   --    The Representation of Women in Social and Ethnic Relationship in the Context of Globalisation- completed
  3.  Esther Mani -- Socio cultural changes through women empowerment: A rural scenario.- completed
  4. Smt. Silpa Anand S  -- Confronting Cultural Erasure: Reinstating the Lost into the Psyche of Kerala.- completed
  5. Teresa J Heloise- Affirmative Intervention of Orphanages in Nation Building - completed

Ongoing  Research

Julie Dominic A- "Tracing the Trajectory from Struggle to Survival : A Study on the Narratives by Female Survivors of Cancer"

Silpa Anand S-“Auguries of Apocalypse: Treatment of Climate Change in the Novels of Margaret Atwood, Barbara Kingsolver and Lorin R Robinson”- Ph.D Awarded.

Teresa J Heloise-" Patterns of Interpretation: Comparative Exegesis of the Life of Francis Assisi as Presented in  Nikos Kazantazakis' God's Pauper: Saint Francis of Assisi and Zofia Kossak's Blessed are the Meek.