Blood Donation Camp

A Blood Donation Camp was organized by the Dept of Zoology and NSS Unit in association with Blood Bank, Amala Institute of Medical Sciences, Thrissur on 18-06-2019. 

World Environment Day 2019

A Collage making competition in connection with World Environment Day 2019 was conducted on 24-06-19 for all students of the college. The Quiz competition in connection with World Environment Day was done on 27.06.19. 

Zoology Association (ZOEA)


The Zoology Association (ZOEA) was officially inaugurated by Dr. P.M. Sureshan, Scientist and Officer in Charge, Zoological Survey of India, Calicut, on 11-12-2019. In the technical session of the inaugural ceremony there was a seminar on “Biodiversity of India” by our chief guest.


WORLD WETLAND DAY, 2 FEBRUARY 2020 was celebrated with an awareness class on the "Wetlands and Biodiversity" by Ms. Swapana Johny, HOD, Dept of Zoology on 14-02-2020. This year's theme of the day was the wetlands and the biodiversity


WORLD CANCER DAY 4 FEBRUARY 2020 was remembered by distributing snippets on ‘I Am and I Will’ Cancer Awareness campaign" in all departments. 

Swatchatha Pakwada competitions by the Department of Zoology

Three competitions regarding “Forest Conservation” - interdepartmental essay writing, collage making and PPT Presentation competitions were conducted in connection with Swatchatha Pakwada by the Department of Zoology on 24th January, 2020. Fifty-nine students participated in the essay writing competition which was on the topic “Man and Forest”. Collage competition was organised on the theme “Protection of wildlife in the present scenario of recent wildfires”. Nine students participated in the competition. Six students participated in the power point presentation on “Conservation of forest for the sustenance of the planet Earth”. 

Awareness Class

An Awareness Class on “Indigenous Restoration of Biodiversity” was conducted by Mr. James N J Executive Director, GREEN HABITAT, Guruvayoor on 11-12-2019.

World AIDS Day

AIDS awareness class in connection with World AIDS Day for zoology students was conducted on 3-12-19. Staff and students paid homage to the AIDS victims by Lightening candles with a silent prayer.  

participation in workshop on the “Study of Biodiversity in Canoli Canal”

Ms. Swapana Johny, Ms. Sini U V and M. Sc students attended a workshop on the “Study of  Biodiversity in Canoli Canal” and student participation in collections for the biodiversity study along with the Project report on “Preliminary studies on biodiversity of Canoli Canal, Chavakkad submitted to State Wetland Authority Kerala by GREEN HABITAT, Guruvayoor 2019.

World Environment Day celebration June 2020

As a part of World Environment Day celebration an online Environment Awareness Quiz conducted from 5th June to 19th June.  67 Students of III Sem & V Sem B.Sc. Zoology and III Sem M.Sc. Zoology students participated in the Competition

Webinar Series on the topic “How to Spark your Audience” (01 – 04)

A Webinar Series on the topic “How to Spark your Audience” (01 – 04) was conducted by the department in four sessions.

01.       Setting the stage (2 pm on 17th July 2020)

02.       Five rules of conversation (2 pm on 29th July 2020)

03.       How to be a good story teller (2 pm on 05th August 2020)

04.       Speak with poise (2 pm on 19th August 2020)

Webinar Series was inaugurated by Sr. Dr. JeesmaTherase at 2 pm on 17th July 2020, Organised by Department of Zoology, Little Flower College, Guruvayoor, Thrissur, Kerala. Resource person - Mr. Davis Padical, Professor, Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur.  222 participants had registered for the Webinar. Around 104 people participated in all sessions of the Webinar Series. Certificates were issued after the fourth session of the Webinar on 19th August 2020.

International Day for the Conservation of Mangrove 2020

In Connection with the International Day for the Conservation of Mangrove, another Online Quiz Competition was conducted for the college students from 26th July to 31st July 2020. 937 students participated in the competition. 

Nature Conservation Day - 28th July 2020

The final year B.Sc students of the Department prepared a You Tube video in connection with Nature Conservation Day - 28th July 2020.  They also prepared a collage conveying the importance of Nature Conservation. 

World Population Day 11th July 2020.

A Poster competition in connection with World Population Day was held on 11th July 2020. 16 students participated in the Competition. 

International Tiger Day 2020

On 29th July, the department observed the International Tiger Day by conducting a Collage competition among students. 10 students participated in the Competition.

World Elephant Day 12th August 2020

In connection with World Elephant Day 12th August 2020, the Department held an Essay Writing Competition from 12th to 17th August 2020. 10 Students participated in the Competition. 

Tribute to 74th Indian Independence Day 2020

On 15th August, a You Tube video “Tribute to 74th Indian Independence Day” was prepared and uploaded in the college channel by the final year students of the Department. 

Mobile Photography Competition - 19th August 2020 - World Photography Day.

In order to inculcate scientific observation attitude and love for nature among students, a Mobile Photography Competition was carried out on 19th August 2020 as part of the World Photography Day. The theme of the competition was “Butterflies & Birds of Homesteads”. Ten students participated in the programme.

World Mosquito Day 20th August 2020

 In connection with World Mosquito Day 20th August 2020, Students of II B.Sc. Zoology prepared an awareness video describing different mosquito borne diseases, symptoms and precautionary measures and uploaded in the college YouTube channel. 

World Ozone Day - 16th September

In connection with the World Ozone Day - 16th September, an Online Quiz was conducted by Department.  

Wild Life Week

The Wild Life Week was observed by the students in the first week of October. They posted photographs of wildlife in their backyard and attempted to identify with their scientific names. Prizes were given to those students who has posted maximum number of photos and identified with scientific names. 

Webinar on “Magical Mangroves”

Department has co-organized a Webinar on “Magical Mangroves” in association with Green Habitat, Dept of Botany, Sree Krishna College, Guruvayoor, and Dept of Zoology, St. Aloysious College, Elthuruth, sponsored by WWF India & Godrej on 24th October 2020. 

Essay writing competition - “Importance of Birds on Maintenance of Biodiversity of Kerala”.

As a part of “Malayala BhashaVaracharanam” an Essay writing competition was held remembering Salim Ali – The Bird Man of India. The topic of the competition was “Importance of Birds on Maintenance of Biodiversity of Kerala”. 

National Youth Day - “Tree for Life”

National Youth Day was celebrated on 12 January by the Red Ribbon Club members of the Department. They conveyed the message of importance of blood donation and steps to slowing down the spread of HIV infections by making a “Tree for Life”. Students Decorated a tree in their neighbourhood with small red ribbons and displayed cards/notes with positive notes on them. Total of 68 students participated in the programme (