Little Flower College proudly proclaims Social Commitment as one of its core values and endeavors to actualize this motto through various activities. Students generate funds through various activities to help the local community who are in need. Students take free tuitions for the children in the adopted colony. A compulsory Social Service scheme is undertaken as per University norms. The students distribute noon meals among the beggars and the forlorn in the temple city occasionally. Lunch packets are distributed among the patients at Govt. Hospital Chavakkad. Victory Centre, a charitable venture undertaken by the institution, adopts differently-abled girls and equip them with skills according to aptitude and ability helping them to be independent and financially stable. Employment is provided to women from the local community belonging to financially backward families through Assisi Social Centre. A fixed portion of the salary of the Sister faculty is set apart for charity to the local community for housing projects, education, medical aid etc.  . Teachers generate funds to aid financially backward students and the local community for education , marriage and medical purpose as and when needed. Students and teachers visit old age homes and rehabilitation centers in the locality to understand and help them. A blood donation camp and Health Camps are held every year at the College. Faculty visits to the households of the students to know their economic and social wellbeing.

 “We Grow with You” – A Social Initiative

         ·       Facilitating Social Consciousness towards Society through “We Grow with You” initiatives to chart an ecosystem of excellence for women bridging responsibilities and commitment to fellow beings.

·   The social commitment to the less privileged was expressed in a construction of a home by the NSS Volunteers during their special camp with manpower input from the part of the students with just one head Mason to design and direct their labour.

·       The NSS, NCC, WWS and SSP are always in the forefront in all campaigns organized by the government, Non- Governmental and the Institution to extend their social commitment in highlighting eco sensibility.

·       The extension activities included whitewashing and painting the Government Homeopathic Clinic, a work complete in three days, in the neighbourhood.

·       The citizen duty of supporting Cleanliness for Healthy India  the clarion call of the Central Government had initiatives by our students in the  locality to  broaden their outlook on  ethics of teamwork and  spirit of responsibility to the nation and the less privileged of the society .

·       The students undertake surveys to augment government initiatives to identify the health and social issues to support the local authorities in their efforts for proper implementation of diverse programmes.

·       The Institution on its part takes up voluntary programmes as outreach mechanism to instill the seed of cooperation and sharing of resources  with the, marginalized  and the less privileged among the society as a  part of  citizen duty in its neighbourhood.

·       The Institution and students rose up to the occasion during the deluge that overwhelmed our state for two continuous years through volunteering their services to the district authorities offering their mite to mitigate the tragedy .  The students under took the volunteering services as requested of by the collector.

·       The Institution take care of inhabitants of various old age and mental rehabilitation homes through food and clothing donations sourced by the staff , students and  by the management to augment the government efforts to rebuild a new Kerala.

·       The Institution volunteered to clean up homes ravaged by flood waters in the affected areas. Campaigned to flag down health issues and advised adequate sanitation and hygiene measures to combat diseases as a fall out of the flood.

·       The Institution under took surveys to estimate losses incurred during the floods in cooperation with the Municipality of Guruvayur and submitted report to the authorities.

·       The Institution   promotes the integration of the nation in its multipronged approach to keep its citizens safe and sound through diverse activities for Nation Building.

·       The college observes all significant days and pledges initiatives to raise the level of awareness in the local community on their duties to preserve their health through Road Safety Campaigns , HIV, Alzheimer etc.

·       Eye donation and Blood Donation, are encouraged. Blood Donation is an ongoing annual feature organised every year in collaboration with Amala Medical College Hospital.

·       The Institution volunteers contribute to the hair donation campaign for the cancer patients.

·       The Institution also engages itself to be resourceful in Energy Conservation Campaigns in the locality.

·       The Institutional support nation building through rallies to highlight national events like the FIFA U-17 Games under the aegis of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, New Delhi, held at the State.

·       The Institution campaigned for Blood Group Detection survey for blood group directory of local authorities.

·       The  monsoon related  disease awareness and safety inputs to the locality  as climatic shifts are disrupting human existence in a big way .

·       The Unnat Bharat Abhiyan of the MHRD New Delhi   spearheads mission to raise the awareness to counter cholera, malaria,dengue and other vector borne diseases to local public. Students turned into messengers in transferring knowledge to the community.

·       The Institution was again selected to head the UBA (Unnath Bharath Abyan Scheme) of the Central Government by adopting five villages to implement extension schemes which helped to expand their outlook on developing the skill for care and crisis management. Around 800 of our students worked for 100 hours during their summer internship under Unnat Bharat Abyan Scheme 2018 of the Government of India.

·       The Swach Bharat Abhiyan and the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Schemes have received noted accolades for its activities from the MHRD .

·       The Clean India Campaign Swach Bharat had tremendous impact that we were the only college in the state to figure top 150 Institutions in the Nation

·       The students helped to eliminate social evils like drugs and other substance abuse through effective rallies and extension lectures to benefit the public.

·       The Institution a spreads skill training in computer hardware ,software and  vocational skills to  members of  adopted villages and to the physically challenged inmates of the Victory Centre  imparting training in vocation as per the state syllabus.

·        The Institution adopts Miss a Meal Scheme every first Friday of a month to feed the poor of the streets at the temple town of Guruvayur.

·       The Students held food fest within the campus to raise funds for extending aid to the less privileged.

·        The Student Entrepreneurial Social Service Day that has been in existence for more than six decades as an innovative bench mark in extending help to the needy.

·       The Institution provides hope for hopeless aged population of the locality through volunteer services during day time in the project PAKALVEEDU.

·       The Institution provides care and support to children through its day care centre facility THARATTU, a relief to working mothers of the locality and to our staff

·       The Institution provides extension services with the support of the authorities at the local sub Jail at Chavakkad augmenting the Government resources to help inmates be inclusive for rehabilitation.

·       The thrust area of the Institution is to be a centre of hope for the locality and priming students to be responsible citizens.

·       Facilitating Social Consciousness to the Society through “We Grow with You” initiatives to chart an ecosystem of excellence for women.

 Unnath Bharath Abhiyan Activities

Man is a social being. Social discourse through social work is essential to good social life. In independent India, rural development still needs to be meaningful. As part of the Swach Bharath&Unnaht Bharat Abhiyan Project, which aims at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mission to study and solve village problems. As the part of this mission Little flower college adopted four panchayats,such as orumanayoor, punnayur, vadakkekad & chowannur.Various departments jointly organized various activities in the adopted panchayats with the help of the authorities.

Vadakkekkadu Gramapanchayath

Punnayur Gamapanchayath

Orumanayur Gramapanchayath

Chowannur Gramapanchayath


Victory Centre for demand is a charitable institution on 12th April 1978 under the registration societies act XXI  1860. The center aims at 1 year free residential vocational training program such as cutting, tailoring, embroidery to the physically disabled women, duff and dump, and orthopedically handicapped. The non-residential women are also allowed to study these activities at a nominal cost and provide employment to the unemployed women in a locality. Today, aging parents are being marginalized and ignored by the mainstream of society. The Victory Center has also turned its attention to this area. Now it has completed 40 years of meritorious services to the less privileged class. The services of the center are touched by the deaf and dumb, physically challenged and experienced by the aged mothers.

  • Rehabilitation Centre for Deaf and Dumb Orthopedically Handicapped Girls

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  • Day Home “ PAKAL VEED”

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